Thursday, September 9, 2010

Indo Dreams 2010 dry season

When the plane hit the airstrip of Ngurah Rai International airport, the feeling of peace filled my brain with a lot of endorphin. The only concern about my life was if the boards were still O.K. without a crash. Everything about my ordinary life stayed outside of Indo at the momment that the plane crossed the territorial borders of Republic of Indonesia. I was there last month and have took a break of my graduate course to recharge the battery of my soul and to attend a wedding of my good friend in Nusa Tenggara. The Islands of Friendly Blis, Holly Bintang Beers, perfect waves, spicy food and clove cigarettes are nice destinations for a scape of our harsh reality that we live in. You always have old freinds to visit there when is not the first time. And you always make new ones. And you always get some nice barrels when your fear of shallow coral reefs is not too enough to freeze your entire body.

Damn I'm missing the landscape, Nasi goreng and the Bintangs!

Overcrowded like as usual, Bali is not the same island anymore. It changed a lot in these past few years. Many Resorts and shoppings centers just appeared on the paradisiac beaches. Sad reality of our hungry capitalist world. However, the sweet smell of the incense still perfuming the air.
Here some nice pics of this season.

Terima Kasih and Selamat tinggal

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Cissao said...

muito demais!
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