Monday, September 27, 2010

Secret Island Reveals the Typhoon's Power

11:00PM last friday:
My friend calls me inviting to head this secret island on Saturday because of the Typhoon swell. Lucky me, otherwise I would spend the whole weekend at the Lab doing my delayed experiments. After seeing the forecast, I was pretty sure that this swell would smoke.

Saturday, 6:00AM:
After checked the reefs around, we confirmed that almost of the points were closed out. Surf at a barely protected righthand point break with another 30 hungry surfers to warm up. We did ride some long fun walls with 4 foot, just in case thinking on the possibility that the island would be unsurfable.

Saturday, 9:00AM:
We drove until the harbour and took the boat to the island.

Saturday, 11:00AM:
No need to say anything. Just check the photos below.

Stoked faces with broken boards. Is it possible? Yeah, when it's pumping, after ride some good ones...

Results of this session:

7 surfers sharing these conditions
3 broken boards
150 'uhuuuuus' screamed to the bro's at outside
4 liters of Isotonic drinks
5 hours laughing after the session
4 minor accidents with our skins

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Cissao said...

Porra Moshi! Botei fé hein!

Surf na veia mesmo!

Putz grila! que irado!